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Who Are We

chloroquine phosphate 500 mg price The Isolate Company, Inc. has existing relationships with licensed industrial hemp growers and processors that are working to actively fill market need by building processes to allow industrial hemp farmers an easy, profitable way to take their hemp crop to market.  We are an extremely ambitious start-up company that has secured the rights for contracts for farm land for farming hemp crops from our private stock of quality seeds to fulfill larger contract needs beginning in 2018. There are currently over 20,000 high-CBD plants growing in greenhouses, and we have secured rights to some of the best genetics.

We are currently seeking funding to build a facility to handle our processing needs. Our initial plan is multi-faceted with an overall long-term objective of finding or developing markets for every part of the hemp plant to develop a zero carbon footprint, further extending the viability of hemp products.

Our Story

One of our principles launched some very successful U.S. based CBD brands in 2017. Between August and December, sales increased for their company and we will be processing pure CBD for their brands and other clients.  In 2018, our immediate objective is to quickly and cost-effectively begin producing CBD isolate product with a well-established and growing market demand with little to no domestic competition.

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